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Herman Slater is on FACEBOOK!

I wanted to say that I didn't get to meet the owner of the shop or maybe I did. But the memory I have of frequently visiting the shop was one that had dust and mystery as fledgling's in the craft, we'd soon learn of Morgana s in the est village, it wasn't the same. Magickalchilde had a spirit all its own and an air of mystery and will live on in my h.s.memories with my coven.. Thank you for being the beginning of my spiritual journey and not the Web last....MISSED BUT NOT FORGOTTEN...Juan

You moved to the web wow I thought the store shut down, glad to see The Childe is on the web

From the shadows, called my name.
From the cold in, to the flame.
The wings around me kept me warm.
Through hollow eyes I was reborn.

All around me once despised,
Could see the world now...
Through his eyes!!!
A people lead by blind ambition!!
Signed on for life, into submission!

Xaivier M. S.  Ireland


My Dad used to frequent the Warlock Shop in what I believe was the early or mid-60s to the early 70s.  I am wondering if there is anyone still around from that time, or if you could provide me with a contact with someone that is familiar with the Warlock Shop at that time?

He passed away some years ago and he always wanted to visit the Holy Mountain he spoke of in Tibet.  I do not know know where this mountain is, and I hope that maybe somebody that has been around for some time could help me locate this mountain so that I can spread his ashes. His name was Bob (Robert) Bourne.

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide

Lawton R. Bourne

Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to buy the oils which came from Herman Slater's Magickal Formulary Volume One book which I cannot even remember when I bought the book, it was so long ago.  Not only did I buy oils, to which I have many from his store, I bought other various items such as a large, lead crystal ball costing $500 back in 1994 and to which I still have, naturally.  I remember the catalogue was an 8 1/2 x 11 paper back book with no frills but it had the most interesting things to buy.  The oil formulas were awesome with great results and I still, to this day, still have most of those oils which amounts to about 25 bottles from Ancient Wisdom Powder, Money Oil, Kyphi Incense, to Zorba Perfume Oil.  Does anyone sell those formula oils or is there something down the road brewing where Mr. Slater's oils would be sold again?  I truly miss all that Herman Slater had to offer and he will always be remembered.   Blessings, Lady Hecate

I don't know if you know this, but you are very missed in New York. Your physical store, Herman's store, is still referred to as an example of how a Metaphysical store should be. I spoke to several of my friends this week letting them know I found you. The buzz is going to be fabulous, because you are that missed in the community.
I just thought you deserve to know that.
Let me know when and how you would like to set up the links. I can put them all to one of your books, or a combination of them.
Many blessings, Veronica

I used to hang at MC right after Herman Slater's death, so unfortunately I never actually met him, but a friend at the time was Michael Masone aka Ravenspirit. He introduced me to the late Leo Martello and some of his crowd, a coven in NJ and we hung out many times when he was involved with a gal out in Brooklyn, talking Craft and Moody Blues. We met at a wonderful Moodies Christmas concert there in NYC. It was a fun crowd. We went to the Witch's Ball and had a blast, smile. (One of my fondest memories is of dancing with Leo. He wore this crazy wine colored suit, and was so merry, enjoyed himself so much it was just infectious his enthusiasm.)   I knew Leo had died, but not Micheal.   One of the blurbs spoke of his death and I was wondering what happened there? I moved from NYC in 95 after my Mom died and I lost touch with him, but I used to think of him and wonder what he was up to. He did have serious problems with addiction when I met him, but he was such a lovely man, and I recall him fondly.  Any idea of what the story is there?  I'd like to know if possible.  Thanks  Alex

Good afternoon! Bless your heart!! I just got the book today and took a quick look before going back to work. Oh my, it is amazing: a practical and primordial combination of light and dark. There is some energy on it of the old shop. How wonderful!! Thank you also for your kind reply!! I do mostly healing magick for the highest good of all and if at all possible, with harm to none. You shall have positive feedback from me.
It has been my pleasure to order from you!!   
Love and Brightest Blessings,
Hanan  [Japan]

FROM RANDY - He's ALIVE and well!!!!!

I met Herman in Fort Lauderdale in 1987. After reading cards for him by the pool at the Marlin Beach Hotel one afternoon, he offered me a job and a place to stay in NYC. I worked at the Magickal Childe off and on until the day it closed in 1999.

Walking into the MC was quite an experience. Lady Heather immediately walked up to me and asked where I was from. Being from North Carolina she could hear my NC accent. When I told her NC, she told Herman, “He’s a nice boy” and slapped me on the back of my hand—an overly demonstrative show of her affection.

Herman treated the store as an extension of his living room—and all were welcome. He also had a policy that if anyone wanted information on any religious/spiritual path, he would provide it. He caught a lot of flak from the pagan community for carrying titles on Satanism, which shows how narrow minded some people are—akin to born again christians in that regard. You could say Herman would sell anything for a buck, but in doing so he opened doors for many people to explore various spiritual paths that would have otherwise been denied them and who is anyone to deny someone that? This country was founded on religious freedom!

What an eclectic mix of people that worked there! Herman presided over everyone like a doting mother (Kali sometimes). This was very much an extended family and like any family things weren’t always love and kisses—you can’t have all those incredible personalities in one place without controversy and don’t forget Herman loved to stir the pot or cauldron, as the case may be. To say working there was never a dull moment is a huge understatement! Herman could and would pit people against each other, then sit back and laugh his inimitable tee hee hiss. But ultimately any disagreements or hurt feelings were resolved—a lot of them over drinks after work at The Ninth Circle, where we went a lot to “unwind.”

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the greatest and most interesting people of my life there…my best friend and partner in crime, Anthony, and my x-partner, your brother, Steven, who loved me despite my insanity and excesses. Also Little Frankie, the munchkin and my other partner in crime, Laura, with her booming laughter. Lydia—what can I say about Lydia, she was a true gentle soul, as well as her partner Ray and her daughter, Emily aka Black Betty. Someone I have always admired, Lady Heather. Peter—go Mets! The hyper intellectual Alan C. (sorry to hear about Bonnie), Kathy F—don’t you call me Kate. Kay, Eileen, Fifi, Billy Bogs, Michael M, John, Nicky, Jimmy J, Bruce, Genevieve, Ian, Michael, Lisa M with the beautiful ethereal eyes...too many people to list here. Each person that worked there brought something unique to the store.

Some of the best times there were on rainy days when the store wasn’t too busy. Then we could all hang out and share information and practices with each other. That totally rocked! What a way to get an incredibly rounded education in a variety of spiritual paths.

What a cavalcade of customers—from authors to psychic vampires to movie/rock stars to gypsies to housewives to visitors from around the world. Really there was never a dull moment at the MC.

Reading cards at that little table in back was some experience. Too read there you had to read for Herman first and that was very intimidating. After reading there for any length of time you were definitely a seasoned professional. Some of those days were brutal! Starting at 11am and reading straight through to 8pm, at 30 minute intervals was exhausting work. After about 3pm you really didn’t even need to look at the cards. You were so open you could read the person as soon as they sat down. I still read for some of the people that I met there.

My favorite part of working at the MC (I’ve done everything in that store from management, bookkeeper, shipping, cashier, etc…) was working in that oil office. Now that was fun! I loved dressing candles, mixing oils, making incenses…for someone with OCD that was heaven <LOL>.

I remember one day this woman came in and was irate that we had sold her daughter the Witches Bible and told her that she could become a witch. This woman started calling us drug addicts and Satanists and who knows whatever else. At the time we were having some electrical problems with the lights and Bruce was in back checking things out. Just as the lady was getting laid into by a very fed up and highly offended Eileen, the lights went out and a column of fire shot down from the light fixture above the cash register. This was a rather “large” lady and you have never seen anyone fly out of that store so fast. We were hysterically laughing until we were crying. It was one of the few times Herman didn’t have to chase someone like that out of there with that sword (which was as big as he was), screaming “get the fuck out of my store.” There was a sign on the front door saying, if you are a bigot, racial, sexually, religiously or otherwise—Fuck Off! And of course the Smoking Allowed sign—man do I miss those days.

Working there was an adventure, especially doing a book or herb inventory. Man did I hate those head sets we used. But if you were in the back, crawling around those shelves, you might come across some lone, forgotten copy of some book—usually something you needed/wanted at just that time. I found a copy of one my favorite books of folklore that way—Mules and Men by Zora Neal Hurston and a hardcover copy to boot. Herman also kept copies of unusual, hard to find books behind the front counter. Sometimes he would give you a book if you really coveted it, sometimes he’d sell it to you, sometimes he wouldn’t. If he didn’t it was because he knew it was rare and valuable and didn’t want his employees spending all their money on it, but he would suggest a title with comparable information—some of us would’ve spent every penny we made on books, oils, candles and herbs. Herman would tell you, you can’t buy that, you don’t need it now.  He was generally right.

Herman had a couple (okay a lot) of pet peeves about the books. That round book rack, by the oil office, had to be alphabetized (he would dump it on the floor and yell ‘alphabetize this thing”, the Crowley section better be full of titles, and new titles better be facing forward. I can still here him yelling, “I know we have copies of that book in the back!”

To say I miss the Magickal Childe is a gross understatement. It’s a part of my past that I will never, ever forget—how could I? It changed my life in ways that are still felt, 8 years after its closing.

If any old employees want to say Hello, you can reach me at - RANDY JONES

I just placed an order via paypal for these books and can't wait to get them.  The Magickal Childe has been an important part of my path.  I write a reoccurring feature for newWitch magazine called "The Wandering Witch."  It is a travel piece--my first article comes out in next month's issue (I did Glastonbury).  I'm currently working on New York City, and my introduction involves my personal experience with the  Magickal Childe.  When they run that piece, I would love to send you a copy of the magazine.  Thanks and bright blessings! 
Natalie Z
Let's go!

The following is text quoted from the world-famous and respected newspaper the The New York Times, regarding an interview with the cashier and assistant manager of the Magickal Childe in NYC.  This was published in the The New York Times newspaper on May 17, 1996 (complete text can be found here):

The Magickal Childe
35 West 19th Street, Chelsea, no phone.

"On a rainy afternoon, the Magickal Childe has a mysterious look. A shaft of light falls across the sidewalk from the window. Inside is a trove of magic artifacts, crystals, herbs, talismans, books on necromancy and pagan rituals, stacked to the pressed tin ceiling. It is a slightly sinister place, but the air is filled with the sweet smell of cloves and cinnamon.

The shop was founded in the mid-1970's by Herman Slater, who died in 1992. On a recent day, the radio was playing "Runaround Sue," and Steve Teicher, a grizzled gray-haired man, was minding the store while he ate a mozzarella-and-pepper sandwich.

"I'm not a magickian," Steven Teicher said. "I'm not a witch. I'm a jack-of-all-trades, and a master of none."

The Magickal Childe will make a "spell kit" for you. "We make them for a wandering spouse or lover," Mr. Teicher said. "We make gay male or female love kits. Protection from evil spirits. Legal aid. Health rituals. Uncrossing, if you feel like someone's putting a spell on you. For gamblers who want to go to Atlantic City."

I asked if someone could mix one of these spells for me. Love or success would do; I could always use more.

A salesman, Sean Talty, consulted "Magickal Formulary, Vol. I," a spell collection edited by Mr. Slater. "I don't have the ingredients for the seven-day love ritual," Mr. Talty said. "We had a run on candles. I can't make you love or success."

How about money, then? Mr. Talty picked through a cabinet for ingredients. "The money-drawing ritual calls for a jumbo candle, which I don't have. A regular candle will have just the same effect. I don't have a green one, but you can use gray: that's the color of silver. It's going to take about 15 to 20 minutes."

While Mr. Talty ground powders with a mortar and pestle, I wandered through the store. There were skulls for sale, $500 to $600 each; "Aztec" goblets, $35 to $40. In glass canisters there were substances like bistort root, black walnut bark, camphor, deer's tongue, devil's claw, gall of the earth. There was an altar with a fountain, gourds, a statue. "That's a multi-breasted goddess," Mr. Teicher said. "How we doin,' Sean?"

"Finished," Mr. Talty replied. "The only thing you have to supply are seven straight pins."

Mr. Talty packed a box with the herbs, a yellow quill pen and a glass jar with a beige oily substance that looked like gravy. It was labeled "money-drawing bath." The bill was $45.

"Every day," read the instructions, "you will open your ritual with a bath using one or two tablespoons of the money-drawing bath. Every day, also, you must sprinkle a bit of money-drawing powder in the four corners of your room."

Say the instructions: "While many men claim they want success, many fade when it knocks on the door. So make sure you have the courage to grasp what you truly want when it comes your way."

Published NY Times: May 17, 1996

I remember walking into Herman Slater's MagickalChilde and it was like entering a magickal world. There was a community waiting behind the doors of these stores and it was a  very warm, welcoming, sharing community. Urban magical communities tend to be very tolerant and to expect everyone to bring something to the table. So from the start, even as a kid, I understood that I had something to share with others, just as they had something to share with me. You also have the opportunity to meet and learn from a wide variety of people with very diverse experiences and knowledge. And because of the vastness,the sheer number of people and traditions, different paths have the opportunity to reach you because sometimes you pick the path but sometimes the path picks you.
Judika Illes

I was a customer in your store for many years and were always helpful finding me obsure books. I also miss the great selection of herbs, candles and almost everything. I just found this website. I do own copies of both books dog-eared as they are.(still use them). Herman is sorely missed. As well as the staff of Magickal Childe.  Blessed Be Alrana ERIS

I met Herman once decades back.  The store was a welcome place for out of town loons such as I ;)
Frater maximus custodio

My first contact with Herman came back in 1975 at the Magickal Childe Shop on Henry Street. Instinctually, I knew this Shop and it's keeper would be a key. When Herman moved The Shop to Manhattan he recommended me to a group that had recently lost a member. The group he put me in touch with was the "Circle Fire", an amazing coven that mentored me for over two years until it's breakup in 1979. As an artist I made wands and scourges that Herman displayed and sold at the 35th street store. I celebrated a few holidays with Herman over the years.  As time goes on I seem to be drawn more and more  to  my Wiccan roots. Having a platform like this only reinforces that energy.

 Thanks, Rob-Black Crow 

Blessed Be and Merry Meet,   I am so glad this website is here. I only found it recently as I was reminiscing about Herman and decided to Google his name for the fun of it. By the Immortal Gods am I glad I did! I first met Herman Slater, or I should more properly address his Lordship as Lord Govannan, when he visited Ravenwood in Atlanta many, many years ago. He and Lady Sintana (the founder and Elder of Ravenwood) went way back. In fact she had a picture of Lord Govannan and Dame Sybil Leek together in the original house of Ravenwood that she has since passed to Lord Orion of Foxwood.   He was the funniest and most knowledgeable man I had ever met in the Craft. I was a young neophyte at the time and he took a liking to me. I'll never forget it. Some years later he was visiting and I spoke to him around the dinner table about a wonderful Vouldon lady that helped raise me as a child. He sent me a skull that was used for divination as a gift out of the blue. I still have her sitting on my mantle and she will be burned with me when I pass.   I still have his picture on my wall from when he came to witness two of our members' elevation to their 3rd degree. And I still have 'A Book of Pagan Rituals and A Book of Pagan Rituals III' that he brought to me and inscribed for me.   Those of you who knew him know we loved him for being 'Horrible Herman.' He would tell the truth about the origins of the Craft in America when nobody else would admit it or knew it for that matter. He knew everybody before they were somebody. I wish I had a copy of the original musings to 'A Book of Pagan Rituals III' that Herman wanted to publish. The published version of his musings are toned down from the one he mailed us greatly. And it called many to task that claimed to be Elders and Founders in this country. I miss him so much.   My Lord I miss you and still adore you. Thank you for being there for me and trying to even make it down for my 3rd degree. I'll always love you my Mentor. (He said he was flying down for my 3rd degree.) We did not know, as he wouldn't let anybody tell us, that he was in the hospital passing at the time. I spoke to him in that hospital room shortly before his passing via phone and although he sounded a little weak he assured me he was coming down. I was so excited. We knew he had health issues and was ill. We didn't realize how ill he was at that time so we made preparations for his coming here. We knew he was ill and needed some special care. We even turned one of the rooms of the Covenstead into a Hospice room of sorts in preparation once we found out he was coming. But alas it was not to be.   I'm so glad to see that some are carrying on his work. He loved the Magickal Childe and used to tell me (as I would get the Magickal Childe catalog), "If you want the real stuff, buy the cheap stuff its real. I would even give it away to ones that I feel are true seekers. The rest of it pays the rent." And I knew that he was true and honest about that. He was always the Jewish Business Man. But with the true Witches' heart.   Blessed Be and Merry Part, Lord Starhawk Former High Priest and Titular Head of Ravenwood Church and Seminary of the Old Religion, Inc. Atlanta, GA - "We shall all live again, and we shall meet, and we shall remember, and we shall know, and we shall love."   I will be so glad to see you again my Lord.

Blessings My Friends:                                
I am writing to let you know about my new book release The Enchanted Formulary coming out this September, 2006.  This book is dedicated to a few different people. It is also dedicated to The Magickal Childe Formulary.  Through out the Formulary there are fond memories about my days at the Warlock Shop and the Childe.   In the past year a book written by Laura Wilder "Pagan Soul" I wrote a story about my meeting Herman and Ed at the Warlock Shop.  You should read it you will enjoy Herman's humor. My story is entitled the Crystal Ball. Herman and Ed will always live on as the as the founding fathers of the Craft in New York City.  Through all of our efforts as a community it is to keep the future generations of the Craft to come to know this, that these two great men will never be forgotten and will always be recognized.  As it was upon the shoulders of these two men that many of our covens and New York's Pagan community were founded.  I will always honor my Fathers.  So Mote It Be!                                                                            Many Blessings,       Lady Rhea

A few weeks ago I entered an occult bookstore asking to buy a copy of your books.  They were shocked that I knew about the books and asked me how I heard of them.  I said I've seen the books listed on the internet for sale.  The owner told me that obtaining a copy of the books would be plagerism [Magickal Childe note: all our books ar copywrited and protected] and they refuse to sell these books to anyone!  When I see other occult web sites, they RAVE about the Formulary books.  State that these are the Formulary bibles in occult formularies and that no serious practitioner should be without them.  I want to buy copies of your books but the store here says no!  I'm tired of driving to the other side of town to get my oils and waste gas when I can by the books and make the formulas myself!  Can I please buy a set. Tracey

I have been searching for many years for vol 2 of the formulary to compliment my vol 1..and have finally found it!
thank you blessed be

The magick continues at the virtual Magickal Childe. Memories are shared here at the remains of what used to be probably one of the most (in)famous occult stores in the world. We owe much to the Magickal Childe. Much of the formulas in my apothecary were compiled and collected at the Magickal Childe by the late Eddie Buczynski and Herman Slater. They are offered here in the books “The Magickal Formulary” books I and II. I miss “The Childe” dearly but at least there is still a part of it here. Check it out – add your memories if you have them and order “The Magickal Formulary” – an essential part of any magickal apothecary! witchandfamous

I was looking for the address of the store because I knew from past experience it did not have a "Don Ameche" as Herman told me once.  Last time I had been there I walked in circles until finally I stopped into the post office to get the address.  And I was planning on stopping by this Saturday. Goes to show how long it's been.......I am very sad to hear of Mr. Slater's passing and the closing of the store.  It's a tremendous loss. Antonia

I always was warmly treated by Herman...and he always had a smile for me.
I worked there briefly after Lady Rhea had just moved to the East Village in 1982.
After my move to California in 2001, I was in touch with her, and finally in 2004 she came to visit us. What a magickal time! It brought back so many stories of Herman, sword in hand, screaming..."get out of my store"!
After Lady Rhea's stay with us in California , when her new book was published, I began to understand that to get what I received  from Herman was an honor!
I miss him deeply...and the Childe.
Never was there such a place that resonated with me!

Blessed Be

Greetings! I spent 1984 amazed and filled with wonder at this incredible place. I was introduced to the store, and to Wicca, by a boyfriend from college (SUNY Purchase) named Stuart C---ham. I experienced Samhain and Yule in the back room of the store that year and gave name and ritual to the concepts and feelings I had felt for many years prior.  I have spent the years since then studying Wicca and paganism and am currently a member of a wonderful coven of like-minded friends here in Denver!  I have been a part of local festivals and many open ritual settings for the last 14 years in Denver. I am also a co-leader of a fantastic chant circle that focuses on the spirituality of song. My life was changed as a result of that place. From New York, I moved to Salem, Mass. and experienced the wonder of that part of the country as well. I realize now how my travels shaped my beliefs. Short story, long, I would love to find Stuart to let him know of the gifts that he gave me without realizing it at the time. Would love to know how his life progressed, did he remain active in the craft? I realize this is a stretch, but I have looked for him in conventional ways to no avail. Any help greatly appreciated!

Remembering Linda Brinkerhoff   It is with heavy hearts that we bring the news of Linda's passing on Jan 5th 2006.   For we know that although we are saddened by our loss, she is now in the company of many friends and loved ones in the Summerland. Herman Slater, Dr.Leo Martello, Michael  Masone(Ravenspirit), just to name a few, including her High Priest, Ray Buckman. Many of those who frequented the Childe may remember her as reading Tarot Cards in the back. We remember her as a grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, friend and Priestess of our Star Temple.   Linda and Ray, as Priestess and Priest together again, May you guide us on our spiritual path as we move forward from this moment to continue the ancient traditions now passed into our hands.    Hail and Farewell Elders of the Star Temple

i cant beleive i found this site.i use  to go to the CHILDE ,when it was the warlock shop. i still have such good memories. i was just a kid,when i found the store.herman was kind to me and used to let me hang out there,sometimes it was behind the counter with him.

if anyone knows ANTONIO,from the 70's who use to work
there,please leave a posting here for me.

its sad that the M.C. no longer exisit.
{Well it does exist on the Internet - }
blessed be,

The Magickal Childe was ground zero for the occult explosion in New York City in the 1970s. - Jon, Magickal Critic

We're an herbal apothecary in Seattle, Washington, USA and we use the MAGICKAL FORMULARY SPELLBOOK I & II constantly behind the counter.

it has been so many years! i remember finding the magical childe back in the late 80's. i still have all of his books (in terrible shape - from use) and still have oil and herbs w/the magical childe label. we were young w/a baby (who is now 20) and my husband was attending parson's school of design in manhattan. i had fallen in love w/a goddess statue at herman's store. it was unaffordable to us at the time. herman knew i loved it & sold it to my husband (for me) the week before yule. i was so surprised! gave him a price of 25 dollars!!!! i remember the last time i saw herman, it was late october, he was on his way to a costume party w/gwen (a red hair lovely girl who worked there). he was already sick and passed on shortly. i miss that shop!!! i miss linda who read tarot cards! i miss it so much!

Word of mouth on the USA side of the pond .. OUTSTANDING

I use to go to the store when it was in New York City all the time with my friends, got my first deck of Tarot cards there back in the 70's, I still have the business card from the Magickal Childe, I really miss the place.

I met Herman Slater once when I visited Magickal Childe in 1990. At first, he seemed a bit guarded and was a little intimidating. He emanated a very powerful energy. Although I did not know him, I could sense there was a softer side to him. You could see it when you looked in his eyes. I'm sure his friends feel blessed to have known him and I am surely thankful for my brief encounter. I found Magickal Childe by accident. I got the address mixed up. I swiched the ave. and street number. Happy accident for sure. I was looking for another book store and on the way back to my car there was Magickal Childe. I was speechless when I walked inside. It had a "if you need it we got it, if we don't have it we can get it, if we can't get it you don't want it" kind of vibe. I was very sad to learn it had closed. I still have old catalogs. I wish I had taken pictures. I always wanted to go back. Now, the only way to get a glimpse of it now is to watch Vampire's Kiss. For the rest of my days I will never forget Herman Slater or Magickal Childe.

Christopher Shriver (aka LustMetropolis)

I heard of Magickal Childe through "Ophiel's Guide to Astral Projection" back in '85, and ordered the catalog. When I received it I was truly amazed, I wanted everything, my paper route money could never afford to buy. I remember getting lost on a freezing November day with a bunch friend's trying to the find the place and having the address completely wrong in memory, which I later decided was "meant to be", since they were really not the right friends to bring there.

Another recollection is pretty funny, I brought some new friends to the shop, I think in '88. My one buddy was about 15, after wandering around a bit he comes to me and says in no light volume "Wow there's a lot of witches in this place!" I thought lighting would stike us on the spot. I laugh out loud every time I remember that scene.

I also remember being put off by the "Horrible Herman" moniker, he never seemed that way at all to me. Maybe I didn't know him all that well, but I didn't have to, for me he fulfilled his purpose in this life magnificently.

I only vaguely remember some of the other people at the store, but I the vibrations they gave off always made me feel very welcome, and, obliged to seek out the knowledge I needed most at that time and to follow a path that I could be proud of.

The physical shell of the Magickal Childe is gone, but I carry its spirit with me still.


Thought you all should know..Steve, my brother was the cashier and assistant manager of the Magickal Childe. His and my mother of 85 years died today August 13, 2005 of cancer. I thought to her as soon as she died, contact me in a way that I know it's definately you. About 2 hours later, our younger brother Kenny called me - at 7 AM in the morning - which in his entire life he never did. "Oh - I'm sorry - I called you by accident - I would never call you so early," he said. I replied, "No it's not an accident, mommy just hours ago past on." I expected some weird things to happen, but that one was pretty weird on a higher level.

Then during her funeral - we were all gathered at her apartment on the 11tth floor. Her cleaning girl came over to join us - and she rang the downstairs buzzer. The buzzer got stuck and was blarring out BUZZZZZ. It was real loud and annoying - and it wouldnt stop. What a way to gain attention from beyond. We couldnt disconnect it from upsairs, and so a friend went downstairs to unstick the buzzer. That never happened before in the 30 years she lived there - or since.



Thought you would like to know that these books arrived today, safe & sound. They are so crisp & clean looking I almost hate to handle them - almost! They will most definitely be read, and read more than once.

Thank you for the super fast shipping! Now THAT is what I call 'Customer Service'! I would also like to add that I give you a 5-star rating for this transaction.

Thanks, again,

I've got a dear friend who worked at the MC for I think 12 years, during the 80's.  Her name is Laura....

I know how cherished a part of her life MC was and is to her - and as it's her birthday coming up this week, I was hoping that there might be some folk(s) there who remember her, and would send her a birthday greeting!!  Her birthday's the 25th, but we're having a huge bash for her this Saturday the 23rd.... and I thought it would be a divine treat for her to receive natal-day greetings from her dear Magickal Childe.

Thank you, and best regards!

Bright Blessings to the Community!
This is Laura. I have, since last being able to post, learned that I did not replace Lady Rhea at the Childe, Lady Heather did. Yet another instance of Herman stirring the pot
lo these many years after passing into the Summerlands. He still has the ability, from beyond the grave, to piss people off and start trouble. Gods, I miss him.
If anyone has heard from Randy or Anthony please email me at Leave a message. In fact, any MC friend can email me - do you you remember my  shop name?

I am a west coast type, I first saw the Magickal Formulary in 1986 when I started dating my ex.  His copy was very old and worn and we used it a lot, finally cutting the binding and putting it in a ring binder.  When we separated it went with him and I looked and looked for a copy.  I remembered the name of the shop in NYC and tried to call but could never get anyone and I finally gave up until a friend sent me a link to your site.  Finally!!!! I have ordered the books and look forward to recieving them and using them again this will be like getting together with an old friend or perhaps the son of an old friend who has passed.  my ex passed in 2000 and this will always be a reminder of alex to me.  thanks you so much for making these again available. 
yours truly
steve d
yakima, wa

I happened to find this site and it brings back such wonderful memories!

I met Herman when he had the Warlock shop in Brooklyn and he was truly patient in helping a seeker.  I remember him walking me through and recommending “serious and must have books” versus “pop-wicca” books.  Also, can we forget that Herman always remembered your name and the last time he saw you.

The last time was a few months prior to his passing and he walked me around the shop and pulled books off the shelf saying, “you must have this one, that one, etc.”

I miss him and I miss the whole family that made up Magickal Childe!

Hi, Joliett
Your brother, Steve, was really special – fantastic personality! 
I have the one with the white cover/black print (old,old, old). Please let me know how to order both these books
!Do you remember John Kallis?  Worked at the Childe for a few years.  He passed away in 1990.  John loved working there.
I love your website.  Have you thought about writing a book!   Heavens, I remember the afternoon gatherings and listening to Ray Buckland, Bonewitz, etc. – lectures (2:00PM to whenever).  Everyone I talk to always says, “…there’s no shop like the Childe.”  I remember you could get anything and everything you needed no matter what direction you were in and the advice was sound and ethical.  And, too, I remember that Herman and the staff would push you to study and seek wisdom.
You know, everyone would like to see the Childe “reborn” – have you considered it?  Herman had asked me if I wanted to buy the store and at the time, I was thinking about moving to D.C. and said, no.  I wish I had – I would have been a passive person and let the store continue on it’s marvelous journey.

I know the MAGICKAL FORMULARY'S are great, they were among the first I bought as a witchling many years ago. I don't know how I lost track of them but I'm really glad they are coming back into circulation... there are way to many other witchcrap books out there.

It is great that my book has already been shipped.  It has been far too long since I looked through those pages of wisdom.   You see, it was "Uncle Herman's" influence so many decades ago that made me the formularist that I am today.  I like to feel that he is proud of me and I know if Magickal Childe were still open he would carry my oils.  I have no doubt of that.  After all, while my oils are in no way copies of his, his influence can be seen, for I have researched extensively every one.  I wish to the God(dess) I stilll had the letter of encouragement he wrote to me in the early 70's.   So, for many reasons, I am mourn the demise of the shop along with Herman Slater.  
Toni Anne

What a pleasure to do business with Magickal Childe once again.  It is also a feeling of nostalgia as I bought from the shop since the late 60's.  It was one of the shop's earliest people, Jason Brown, that sent me my first pentagram ring.   And as the decades went by, unfortunately, so did my copies of Herman Slater's "Magickal Formulary."   It is time that I replaced it. 

'tis a shame Magical Childe no longer exists... the best bookstore the east coast has ever known (with a nod to the old Abyss in Northampton).  early memories of fellow OTO/EGC members across the street in the alley, imbibing illicits before attending the Gnostic Mass deep in the bowels of the Childe. bought some of the best books, pamphlets, oils, blades, robes, etc., ever to be found!  alas, and alack! lamentation & gnashing teeth! -R.P.Stoval -R:. III -o'maoilmhiadhaigh    

It's my unfortunate task to let you know that Ray Buckman, Linda Brinkerhoff's partner of many years, has passed away.
Ray will be remembered by many of the Magickal Childe regulars as a bountiful fount of knowledge of Egyptian magick, and goodness.
We all mourn his passing, and send Linda all our condolences.  His passing stands up as important as Herman's, Steven's, and Scott's to the Magickal community.
Please let this be known to other appropriate communities.
best wishes,

I, too, had problems finding the store at times when I was looking for it--times I walked up 20th street or 18th street.

My last physical experience inside the shop was July 11, 1998. It was the day of a memorial for a friend who had died in a freak accident. I went in and had my cards read. I truly believed I would always be able to go in there.

I was saddened when it disappeared a year later. That day, I remembered 19th street, middle of the block. I stood, mouth agape, to see what looked like a photograph place. Then I began to laugh--what incredible images could be captured on film in a place like that! The universe does have a sense of humor.

I was always at home in there, among the herbs and candles. It was introduced to me in 1987 by a friend I've lost contact with, but he set me on the right path in terms of my magickal workings. For that, I'm grateful.

There is nothing there anymore, that photo place is gone. You can stare thru the glass now at brick walls and the floor straight to the back. I hope something of its kind opens up in that space. Thank god(dess) we still have Enchantments and Other Worldly Waxes. The spirits always provide, but it sure does take a lot given this city's rents.

This is a lovely site, and I'm happy to have stumbled upon it!

Webmaster's note about above comments:

There was more than one MAJOR MOTION picture that was filmed in MAGICKAL CHILDE.

DISNEY STUDIO's reportedly offered to buy the store to make the place a permanent movie set - and was declined by Herman.

Hello!   My name is Matthew and I'm a close friend of Lady Rhea's.  I currently teach the pagan way in her shop in the bronx and was really excited to see a small remaining tid-bit of the Childe on line.  I miss that shop even though I only visited it in its last few years - it was great just to be there.  I'm writing to find out who you are who so lovingly keeps Herman and the Childe alive on this site.  I don't think I met you as I was still a witchling in the last days of the childe but Istill frequented it.  Please say hi and introduce yourself if you wouldn't mind.  And also - thanks for making the formulary available again and keeping it alive- as we know - such an important piece of information and history!   Blessed Be!
Matthew Lord Apollo 3*

THE MAGICKAL FORMULARY SPELLBOOK I is a very good book for incense and potions oils and powders for magickal purposes. Good for all level witches, very fun also. Many items in this book were at the magickal childe bookstore in NYC. as healing incense, esbat, sabat incense, oil dressings for spell candels, like money drawing oil! and then some more powerful ones were included too. An experienced blender would know, like the Black arts mix... not my cup of tea but very popular for those black cat lover broom stick types a must buy for those who like mixing up stuff and I think there was very good blends for planetary incenses jupiter venus saturn sun moon mercury(hard to find recipes) learn by doing book.

I worked at the Magickical Childe off and on for seven years.  Herman was my spiritual father.  Ijust adored him and hated him alternately, and vice versa.

I miss you, Lady Rea: I am so saddened to hear that Steven died.  I can't stand it.  I hope that some of us from the old community can still be in touch.

Rea, we are old warriors from the Magickal Childe days!  I'm in Vermont - do you still remember me?  It's Laura, who took your place when you left the Magickal Childe!  I'm not sure that was a good thing... :>>>>>

Thank you so much, can not wait to have the book.  I have been looking for these books every where, no one seems to have them, or for that matter where to get them.  Thank you.
Voodoo Shaman

I am neither a practicing Wiccan, nor did I know Mr. Slater personally, but Magickal Childe played a major role in my adolescence.  I first set foot in the shop in 1991 when I was 15 years old.  I don't remember how or where I had heard about the store.  Ever supportive of my endless and directionless quest, my parents drove me to the tiny shop on 19th Street from our home on Long Island.  I instantly fell in love with the place and, henceforth, pestered my parents constantly to take me back.  It was the site of my first tarot card reading, my first talisman purchases, my discovery of Wicca.  For reasons unkown to myself, I stopped making pilgrimages to Magickal Childe in 1992.   Last month I walked from one end of 19th St. to the other, trying to find the store.  In its place I found 'Witch Craft, a sandwich shop.  I figured the store had either finally gone under, or it had moved.  This morning, out of the blue, I went online to do a search in hopes that the latter was true, and found this website.  I don't know what to say...  I knew who Mr. Slater was and what he stood for.  I had seen him in documentaries, been in his presence...  Eleven years gone and I had absolutely no idea...  It may seem more than a little ridiculous, but I consider it a personal loss.

I used to drive from one end of 19th Street and Fifth Avenue to 6th Avenue, and while I was actively looking for the store constantly drive past it. At times, the Magickal Childe was actually invisible. I even used to walk right past the store while I was actually going there.

The Magickal Formulary, edited by the late Herman Slater. What also makes this work so invaluable is that it is from the inner workings of Mr. Slater’s shop, Magickal Childe, which used to be one of New York’s oldest Witchcraft Centers. (Magickal Childe closed several years ago, after the owner had passed away). His Formulary work is worth its weight in gold simply because the recipes for some of the most effective and potent incense and oils utilized in the craft are within its pages. Slater guarded these recipes more tightly than a 5-star restaurant chef.

THE MAGICKAL FORMULARY SPELLBOOK I is a very good book for incense and potions oils and powders for magickal purposes. Good for all level witches, very fun also. Many items in this book were at the magickal childe bookstore in NYC. as healing incense, esbat, sabat incense, oil dressings for spell candels, like money drawing oil! and then some more powerful ones were included too. An experienced blender would know, like the Black arts mix... not my cup of tea but very popular for those black cat lover broom stick types a must buy for those who like mixing up stuff and I think there was very good blends for planetary incenses jupiter venus saturn sun moon mercury(hard to find recipes) learn by doing book )

I am glad this site is up.  It's nice to have a reminder of an important bit of craft history.  So, many young folk don't know who Herman Slater was.   Herman may have cultivated his nickname as "Horrible Herman", but he was often kind to me, even gave me a candle as a gift once. Imagine that!  
Carole ... NYC

Dear Friends,

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I am very excited to have found the website online! I've wanted an excuse to publicly reminisce about the Magickal Childe for years now.  I started going to the Childe when I was around 12 years old, and consider the time I spent shopping and hanging out there some of the best times (and most informative!).  I'm 27 now, and miss the store terribly...I'll never forget the shock of walking down 19th street and not seeing that tattered old banner - what was it? - "Hardcore New Age" or something like that.

Herman himself was always extremely helpful, and the fact that he took time out of his work to deal with a pestering young kid always amazed me. Hell, once my older sister went there without me and he even brought out some photocopied out of print books he knew I'd be interested in and had her pass them on.

The Childe played an indispensible part in all Pagan cultures, but in my opinion it's loss has hurt the Thelemic community greatly.  There's a billion shops to get Wiccan material (admittedly, without the atmosphere and oddly comforting claustrophobia of the Childe), but I've yet to find anyplace that had such a wide variety of Thelemic materials - from nicely printed UK Typhonian zines, to the Horus/Maat Lodge chapbooks and a gazillion other obscure titles, it was truly an excellent place to find anything you needed.

Aloha Joel,   My book came today, and I have to say that I'm even more pleased than I ever thought possible.  What a valuable resource this is.  Thank you for all the help, and the wonderful customer service.  

Dear Friends at Magickal Childe,
How happy I was to receive a fresh, new copy of the Spellbook Volume I !
My original copies of the originals have become tattered and torn from use.
Am eagerly awaiting publication of Volume II!!!!
As well as any other re-issues of the late Herman Slater's works.
During the late 80s and early 90s, the highlight of any trip I made into the city from CT was stopping by the Magickal Childe and stocking up on books, oils and candles.  Still have my bottle of Flying Oil and Herman's video.
The staff at the Childe was always helpful and the shop always chock full of new and interesting things.  Every trip revealed something interesting.
What can I say about Volume I being reissued?  I have told all of my associates...get this book NOW..and forget the fancy stuff in the new age bookstores...
everything is between two covers..the oils..incense..spells..enough to make one actually smell the shop.
Along with Dr Martello, who was one of the funniest and most sarcastic people I met in the Craft, Herman contributed more to the Craft than anyone else.
Although I never spoke with him personally (I was in awe of him), his work has made a valuable contribution spreading correct information and mixing the best oils in the world!
Was so happy to see the Childe on line!
Please add me to your mailing list.  I would like to be notified of any forthcoming publications.  An anthology of Herman's works would fly off the shelves....sort of like The Compleat Herman Slater...historical newsletters and of course his wonderful books.

Blessed Be and
Please keep me posted of forthcoming publications.

Jeffrey K.

Looking forward to receiving the Magickal Spellbook I. I've been to Magickal Childe many times while it was in existance. My parents lived on 17th Street and I grew up in Chelsea.
Again, thanks

Hello,   I used to shop at the Magickal Childe, and then one day I went there and it was gone.  I was very surprised and saddened, because I loved to shop there, and even more, I just loved to be inside the place because of it's ambience. It just "felt" like everything an "occult store" should be, from the incredibly high shelves of glass containers of herbs, right down to the black cat suddenly sneaking up on me and brushing my leg.  When Magickal Childe shut its doors, I never knew what happened to it or why.  But I still love all the books that I bought there as well as the oddball stuff like a weird record album by some folkie warlock, and my cool looking gargoles.   Recently I read an atricle in THE NEW YORK PRESS by HP ALAN CABAL that explained how and why the shop closed down, and the deaths of Bonnie, Herman, Ed etc etc.  After reading this, I thought I'd do a web search to see if I could discover anything further... and I came to your site.  I have no idea how old the site is but it advertised a Magickal Formulary Book #1.  Is this book still available?  Does Magickal Childe still exist in some form?   Tony

YES !!! We exist as do all our heavenly brother and sisters (somehow, anyway)...just CLICK Here to ORDER MAGICKAL FORMULARY SPELLBOOK I

I look forward to receiving the book, it will be the centrepiece of a friends Birthday presents!!

United Kingdom

                         It is reassuring to note you have maintained your service to the public despite falling on hard times.As an adolescent, I began venturing into Manhattan from my central Long Island residence to procure texts and supplies, as well as to catch a glimpse of what curios were left to behold.Through the years I have grown in wit and wisdom, and must credit M.C. with the accolades it deserves. Thank you for the wonderful access to the necessary materials and the air of drama your location provided.
                           I am also writing to inquire as to the whereabouts and well-being of Peter Conte.I am aware he had been outcast sometime ago, but I would very much like to contact him in reference to his revisions in Liber ABA, and to the spot on tarot insight he afforded me.If there exists any avenue to establish contact, please aid me once more in my travels!
                                       Thank You For Your Time,
                                        Kelly Rhodes

I was surprised and pleased to find
the Magickal Childe website.  It's comforting to know that it is being
continued at least in some form.

"The Shop", as I always called it, was a huge part of my life for a few
years, and was my first and most important exposure to the Craft.  This
would have been around 1977-1979.  I was a young teenager and thirsty for
knowledge - and became a regular in the Pagan Way group, though I couldn't
be initiated because I was under-age.

I stayed away for many years, and finally got up my nerve to visit, and of
course found to my dismay that the shop was gone!  So much history - so many
personal adventures and experiences had been contained in that store!

I remember Herman very fondly.  I know there is controversy about him, but
overall I found him to be very loveable.  He made me laugh, and treated me
with respect in spite of my age.  (I remember coming into the shop in a
terrible mood one day, and Herman took one look at me and quacked!)

I would love to know what has happened to some of the people I used to know
there, in particular, Valerie, who was the HPs of Earthstar when I was

If you have any information that you'd be willing to share about some of the
old regulars, it would be most welcome.  In any case, thank you for bringing
the Magickal Childe back to life, in cyber-spirit, at least.

All the best,



i just got the book in the mail!
thank you...cant wait to start reading it.
i have only been to the magickal childe 2ce in my life,
and that was at least 12 years ago when i was in high school.
i hope it will be rekindled one day!
kim g

I taught the Earth Star Temple/Pagan Way for Lord Govannan (Herman) back in the early '80s, and the picture you have of Herman on his biography page was taken at the Childe back in '81 (full picture attached).

It's really nice to see some form of the old Shoppe up and running on the internet.

I still have all the material Lord Govannan gave me from the old Earth Star Temple, as well as copies of the Earth Religion News.

I still miss the old "Troll."

Tuan Cú Mhara, Coven Hensiarad
Welsh Rite Gwyddonaid

    I always looked forward to running into the Magickal Childe on 19th st. whenever I was in New York.THERE was  place I found the goodies, herbs oils and books too obscure to fnd anywhere else.Often I'd have my astrologer wih me.

        I am so glad I purchased the Magickal Formulary 1 and 2 there. They were more more valuable and useful to me than any other glossy tomes at twice the price.

         It would be so very wonderful if you guys could reopen a bricks-and-mortar store in New York again.I dug the energies of the place,the people were cool, and in all my cross-country travels , I can honestly say there was no place else that had everything I use, that taught me so much through the years!


Am I reading wrong or has the store really closed down for good?  My parents and I use to go to the store alot when we were living in NJ.

Answer: Yes, the  Magickal Childe's physical store has closed.  BUT, we the VIRTUAL Cyberspace Store of MagickalChilde is still alive.  And we are selling the most important of ALL our books and wares...Herman's MAGICKAL FORMULARY SPELLBOOK I and II  on the Internet.  
Thanks for your email.

P.S. When my son (Steven's nephew) was around 4 or so (about 25 years ago), he refused to go into the store.  It was really funny.  He just said "I'm not going in there."  And he wouldn't explain.. 

Joel (Steven's brother)

Steven the manager/cashier passed away...February 3, 2003; 6:20PM

Steven one of the partners of the Magickal Childe had two brothers. His baby brother is Kenneth, and the middle brother is me, Joel - and Steven was the eldest.

The morning of his funeral, Kenny says to me, did you see the WHITE BIRD? I had an instinctive thought that he meant something to do with Steven's passing, but no knowledge about what he really meant.

After the funeral that night, at a dinner with Kenny and my friends and family, my close friend's wife says, (without ANY knowledge of anything said about a white bird) ---- it was very weird ---- she says: "I saw a white bird outside my window this morning. It was very strange since it was still winter - freezing and snowing."

Very weird...maybe the weirdest thing ever happening to me -- especially since there are no coincidences.


Full Moon Paradise:
"I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."

Jack London
American Author 

Joel, we are very sorry to hear of your loss. May your brother's soul rest in peace! you know that the white bird is a symbol of death, it usually appears to warn you that someone is going to die. be stong, and hold your brother's memories close to your heart. be well, and take care. Fondly,T&A

Dear Steve,
The web site looks fantastic.   I have many great memory's of my visits to the store.   I don't know if you remember me or not, but either way I know he would be pleased with what you all have done...   I love the floating comment from my uncle....  
Best regards,
     Ronn S   Herman Slator's Nephew....

I am thrilled to see that the Magickal Formulary is back in print!  We miss having Magickal Childe, used to refer people to you guys all the time.  No one has filled the hole left when MC closed.
Blessed Be,
Morgana, Morgana's Chamber, NYC

Dear Steve,
Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your store and all those years, especially the dark back and all...We made some great magick with MAGICKAL FORMULARY, and I was delighted to have found you and that book on the web. Your new edition has some really great spells that I just LOVE...Thanks and keep the brightest blessings glowing...
Ellen Schwartz

Herman was a business acquaintence of
mine, we used to speak at least once a month for many years,  and although he
was a gruff old bastard,  I liked him alot :o) and always glad to sell his
books, as they were some of the few classic ritual magick wiccan texts
Thanks again & Best of
Wishes !!!  Steve 

This is site is awesome!! I am sure Uncle Herman would have really enjoyed this!!  Glad to see his legacy continues.  Feel free to e-mail me.  As he would say........ Blessed Be!  His parents have passed over recently, Grandma first and Grandpa shortly after.  My mother is still alive and well!!

I just received Herman Slater's Magickal Formulary Spellbook, Book 1, ordered
through I was extremely happy to receive it- I have many fond
memories of the Magickal Childe store in NYC. Can I dare to hope that there's
been a resurrection? Also is Volume 2 of the spellbook  available for sale?

Thank you and blessed be!
Judika I

Dear Steve,
   My name is Rick Kelly (know as Kelly). I was a friend of Herman Salter In the late 70's and 80's while living in NYC. Herman introduced me to The Craft. He was a great influence and wonderful man. I'm so sorry to learn of his passing. Even though we hadn't seen each other in many years I thought of him often and shared stories of  him with friends. He was legendary. The reason for this email is that Herman came to me in a dream last night offering guidance in an endeavor I plan on undertaking. I felt compelled to search him out immediately after awakening. I was over joyed when I found a listing for the Magickal Childe still in business. I took a while to find the website, but eventually there I was, and that is where I read of Hermans passing.
Blessed Be.....Kelly

Mystic Garden ~ * ~
Greetings Steve,   
Hello,  I use to be a patron of Herman's at the Magickal Childe shoppe in NY on W. 35th Street...On my (unfortunately last) visit to the just so happened to be one of the very last days you were open....(we had no idea you were closing, what a shame....I love your store...and your products)...  You probably don't remember us... but it has been a long time... There was 3 of us girls... A tall redhead, a tall thin blond, and a chunky brunette . You and another man were there... You were giving us all sorts of extra discounts and throwing in things for free... especially to my friend Eve... The  blond with  the great personality...who was chatting alot with you both.......any how... I remember you guys were really sweet.

Thanks so much, hope to hear from you soon....and it was so nice to see that you are still in business and doing well....  

Blessed Be  
Thank you in advance
Lady Raven

I remember the Childe from 1980 when I started going there for the Pagan Circles. It was such a landmark of Pagan history to go there each weekend.

I do know Herman's early work is pretty much in demand, so I am quite surprised that many didn't jump at the chance to get a reprint of the book. Thankfully I had written the Minoan Incense recipe in my Shadows, so I was able to make an almost duplicate of Herman's version. (There simply is NOTHING on this planet that smells any greater!)

At any rate, thanks for reprinting this book because digging through storage is not something I look forward to at any time soon.

^v^ Mike V ^v^


Thank you so very much for your prompt attention.  I received the book on Wednesday and I'm thrilled.  Around 20-25 yrs ago, I was a frequent visitor to the Magickal Childe on East 19th Street.  Herman was a great influence on me and taught me so much.  
Please let me know if you have any of his other writings available for sale.  
Thanks again.

Brightest Blessings,
Trom )0(

 Hi Herman  how ya been Long time no see :-) sill married to same lady
from the witch meet in 78
hey  you have the formula for what is known as VooDoo OIL
also in the south there was a home incense of Brown sugar and ???? I
forget did you have that one?

Ask him if He knew "Karar of An Bandia Oseailite"
but I only once got to the Warlock Shop aka the magical child

It is a thrill to see the Childe reborn! I remember the store in NYC well, and happy to see it back and in cyberspace.


I know this is a shot in the dark, but what the hell.  I am putting together a website on the Minoan Brotherhood, and I believe that at least for some period of time Herman was friends with Eddie Buckzinski.  We are trying desperately to find a copy of his obituary, or at least an exact date of death.
Does anyone at the cyber-version of the Childe have any records regarding Eddie's death?  (If ANYONE knows any more information pertaining to this email me)
I would be most grateful to get that info. Also - great to hear that part two of the Spellbook might be coming out in print soon.  I have the Formulary (book one), the one with the white cover and a version with a blue cover, but I've been looking for the spellbook for quite some time I miss the Childe - I used to live around the corner.  Nothing quite compares. Regards, Chris.





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